VVTF Nautilus RBA Deck

first nautilus rba deck

The VVTF Nautilus RBA Deck is the world’s first newly designed Rebuildable Atomizer Coil Head made for the Aspire Nautilus & Nautilus Mini tank clearomizers. Compared to the traditional Aspire Nautilus Atomizer Heads, the “R” stands for Rebuildable, Rewickable and Reusable. The VVTF Nautilus RBA features a truly fully detachable body design, allowing users to conveniently replace the wicking cotton and customize the coil material/resistance to their preference. Organic cotton is used for wicking material of this Nautilus RBA, which provides more vapors and even better flavor output.

Brand: VVTF
Material: stainless steel, fluoro rubber, silicone rubber.
Compatibility: Aspire nautilus & nautilus mini.
Rebuildable, Rewickable and Reusable.
All parts fully detachable.
More vapors even better flavor.

Tips: This Nautilus RBA is VVTF our original designed product, and the Chinese Clone is crazy, for our structure design copyright protection, we will not providing more detailed photos and specifications here on the official site recently, thanks for your understanding.


  1. There’s a small gap between nautilus base and glass tube, so, this RBA needs a gasket to fix the gap issue, gasket included in every RBA order. We have tried our best before launched, on current RBA, due to the limited space, there’s no way to fix without the gasket.
  2. This RBA is NOT compatible with Kabuki and Triton Mini Tanks right now.
  3. We normally post important notes, tips and updates on our facebook and youtube, please you must take a look before you order.

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