How to Wick VVTF Nautilus RBA V2A

We have tried different ways, and found this is currently the best way to wick this Nautilus RBA Deck V2 and V2A. No Leaking, No Gurgling, No Burning, Great Flavor. Be patience to try some times and find your way to get used to it.

Required Tools & Materials: RBA deck, Sharp ceramic tipped tweezer, Sharp tip plier, Scissor, Stainless stick, Mini screwdriver, 28G A1 wire, Cotton, Nautilus mini, Box MOD with ohm/VV/VW display.

Suggested Coil Parameters:
A1 Wire: 28AWG(approx. 0.32mm);
Inner Coil Diameter: 2.0mm;
Wraps: 6-7; (I prefer 7)
Resistance: around 1.2ohm;
Power: 14-18W;
(Tips: RBA is DIY product, this is just our suggestion, you can try and find your own favorite.)

Extra Screws: M1.22; M1.23. (You can also use other standard M1.2 crosshead screws which are more easier to find in the market.)

nautilus rba v2a wicking 1

Pic.1-8. Assemble all parts together.
Pic.4-5. Tips: Turn the center post back and forth, and press in.

nautilus rba v2a wicking 2

Pic.9. Unscrew half.
Pic.10-12. Wrap the 2 coil leads as a 90 degrees angle. Leave approx. 3.5mm down lead, cut off the rest.
Pic.13-15. Use a tweezer to put the down lead into hole, then use thumb to press on coil and screw to tighten the lead.
Pic.16. Use a stick to adjust the coil.

nautilus rba v2a wicking 3

Pic.17-18. Pull another coil lead to adjust and tighten the screw.
Pic.19-20. Cut off the rest lead as deep as possible to make sure it won’t touch the nautilus center barrel after it’s been installed on nautilus tank.
Pic.21. Fire to adjust and tighten up the coil.
Pic.22-23. Please refer the Step2 and Step3 in Nautilus RBA V1 Wicking.
Pic.24. Tips: the red lines, trim the excess wick at a slight angle.

nautilus rba v2a wicking 4

Pic.25-26. Check and tighten the screws again.
Pic.27-29. Red ovals, all space for atomizing and airflow. Juice the wick and test fire.
Pic.30. Tips: the parallel lines, push the base straight in before screw in.
Pic.31-32. Wait for several mins to make it wicks smooth, make sure the coil resistance meets corresponding wattage, Enjoy!

If you have any other good ways or tips, welcome to share on VVTF Facebook Page.