Nautilus RBA Deck V2


kabuki rba deck

Now I personally loved Kabuki more than Nautilus when they share the same RBA Deck, so please forgive me I change the main name as VVTF Kabuki RBA Deck instead of what it was supposed to be: Nautilus RBA Deck V2.

Compare with the Nautilus RBA V1, this V2 is a completely redesigned RBA Deck – compatible with Nautilus, Nautilus Mini and Kabuki Tanks, fits perfectly and performs outstandingly. It allows either horizontal or vertical coil to be installed much easier, the unique structure and bigger juice wells designs bring extremely pure taste output and more diy funs. Rebuildable, Rewickable and Reusable, as always!

vvtf nautilus rba v2

Main Features:
Brand: VVTF
Material: stainless steel, fluoro & silicone rubber, pa66.
Compatibility: kabuki tank, aspire nautilus & mini.
Works with either horizontal or vertical coils, more diy funs.
Unique design, bigger juice wells, pure taste no dry hits.
Easier way to grab and fix the wire.
Customized screws and gaskets, we hate clones.
Rebuildable, Rewickable and Reusable.


  1. right now, besides the kabuki tank, nautilus 5ml and nautilus mini 2ml, we are not sure if this RBA also fits other tanks, any feedbacks and questions, please share on VVTF Facebook.
  2. Due to the deep base design of 5ml Nautilus, you cannot wick this RBA on 5ml Nautilus Base directly, please wick it well on Nautilus Mini 2ml Base or on a Deck Holder first, then install on 5ml Nautilus.

Nautilus RBA Deck V2A


The V2A is the latest Nautilus RBA Deck, we made several small updates on V2 and named V2A. The V2A fixes the stability of resistance display issue, this will make it works more stable and reliable. The updates(left V2, right V2A):

How To: Best Way To Wick VVTF Nautilus RBA V2A.