VVTF Nautilus RBA Vaping Coil Wicking

Instructions on How to Wicking the VVTF Nautilus RBA.
Tips: this is Rebuildable Coil Head, the wire and coil types are optional, below instruction is just for your reference. The electrode design of this VVTF Nautilus RBA is similar to popular RBAs like subtank RBA, atlantis RBA etc. So, the major installing steps are the same.Tools & Materials(unit: piece):

nautilus rba wicking 1

1 * VVTF Nautilus RBA Deck
1 * Premade Coil (28G A1 wire; Inner coil D2.0mm; 6 wraps)
1 * Cotton Pad (Muji organic cotton)
2 * D2.0mm Mini Screwdriver
1 * Ceramic Tipped Tweezers (sharp tip)
1 * Box MOD with Ohm/VV/VW Display
1 * 510 Threaded Stand Base
1 * Plier
1 * Scissor

nautilus rba wicking 2

Step1. Pic1. Put the premade coil between 2-post, tighten the screw to fix the wire, cut the excess.(our premade coil is 6 wraps, you can make it 7 or 8

nautilus rba wicking 3

Step2. Pic2. Cut a strip of cotton, roll the end
between your fingers tightly, gently slide the rolled out end through the coil, it should have a tiny bit of friction, pull the wick through straight.

Step3. Pic3. Screw on the RBA barrel, trim the excess wick properly, generally trim at a slight angle, so the part that lays against the coil is a little shorter than the part that touches the front of the juice well. Use the tweezer or whatever to tuck the wick into the juice well, tuck the ends down to the bottom or just on the top of juice holes(see from outside, check Pic5), leave a nice smooth path for the juice to travel. If getting dry hits, please using less wick.

nautilus rba wicking 4

rba wicking 5

Step4. Pic4.
Check the resistance display correctly, make sure
the post screws won’t touch the RBA barrel. Juice the wick, testfire, install and enjoy!

rba wicking 6

Notes & Tips:
* About the coil, it’s up to you if the space is allowed, but we suggest 28G wire, because you can wrap a preferable resistance of coil with 28G wire for limited Nautilus RBA space, the most important, the 28G wire is hard enough to avoid the coil short circuit when tucking the wick. Also, use a ceramic tipped tweezers to tighten the coil, this works best for me, pls see the Pic6.
* The big feature of Nautilus is good flavor, the airflow hole design and the atomizing space of Nautilus & Mini are small, so, even our RBA has 4-hole airflow design, it won’t change much airflow on Nautilus Tank, Vapor Chasers please be noted.
* Like original BVC Coil, this RBA is small, so, the installation requires you more patience and tricks, noticed this before you decided to order.
* This Nautilus RBA is VVTF our original designed product, and the Chinese Clone is crazy, for our structure design copyright protection, we will not providing more detailed photos and specifications here on the official site recently, thanks for your understanding.

Hit Here To Watch Wicking Tutorial On YouTube.

IMPORTANT: To make the RBA performing its best, wicking is very very important, especially the cotton, a little bit less or little bit more will affect the vapor, flavor and lifespan, be sure to leave a nice smooth path for the juice to travel, you will never get dry hit in feasible resistance/wattage.

Tips For 5ML Nautilus:
Due to the different design of 5ML Nautilus Base, you Cannot wick this RBA on 5ML Nautilus directly, please wick it on Nautilus Mini Base or feasible Deck Holder first, then install on 5ML Nautilus.